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to raise serious cash wgn news @ 9 devastating for the family mourning a big loss of two boys after a south suburban fire today. live in hickory hills >> house consumed by flames this afternoon investigation into this just getting under way family dealing with grief >> friends leaving flowers outside of this fire scarred home in memory of two little boys leaving the scene without a word father just suffered unthinkable loss three year-old sons and five year-old taken from him this afternoon flames tore through the family home
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most important thing is crazy and we say? >> the main floor and gulped when fire crews are rive to black smoke billowing boys in a bedroom upstairs frantic mother cried for help from across the street firefighters quickly got to work one neighbor describes to try to help being pushed back by intense heat and thick smoke another shot this video >> black smoke into the air and a fireman already on a ladder from the fire truck to the top of the roof of their cutting a hole in the top of the roof at the smoke was coming out. across the street on the grass the mother said the children were still inside it went to work right away. the mother does not speak english three other children in school at the time
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of immigrants from yemen came to start a new life in america family and supporters to link their best to understand. >> certainly no question about that. two brothers describes the pair of adorable children to love to play the fire marshal here this afternoon investigation at the very early stage we can't tell you a couple of things spokesperson says the parents are 2 shot to even speak and no indications of any code violations according to any municipality or indications of foul play >> tonight and emotional closing arguments at trial of accused cop killer lawyer declaring he was framed. prosecutors blame alleged confession at the court building a verdict tonight >> text message from the state's
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attorney expected this verdict to come down any minute now the jury was deliberating for about 2.5-3 hours defense are doing and that the suspect shawn gaston victim of date widespread police conspiracy state attorney anita alvarez is prosecuting this case herself says the evidence is overwhelming. gaston wanted to years old responsible for the police officer at alejandro valdez only 27 years old shot dead july 2009 west englewood neighborhood. gaston to other alleged gang members looking for a rival gang members shot officer described as a drive-by shooting. high profile case not only because involving the murder of how the decorative chicago police officer but also because state attorney anita alvarez trying case herself.
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played a 20 minute statement taped recording that he made at mcginn firing shots that night still the defense argued gaston responsible for officer valdez murder members of family wept in court company by dozens of police officers showed up to support the family. police superintendent garry mccarthy and several of his top lieutenants among the officers in court today. expecting a verdict to come down any amended as soon as that comes down burning you that information. >> former east aurora high school teacher busted yesterday it inappropriate pictures upper salt sent to a 50 year old boy former student sexual exploitation of a child 15 year- old boy received text messages former student only 15 years old kelly miller released yesterday
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$1,000 bail. anybody are arrested or charged with a crime in aurora now have to pay $50 processing fee police say cost more than $60 to book each suspect the plan to make each suspect fled the boat went through city council approval last night joins naperville, darien, oswego charging fees for arrests in charging fees. >> we feel that taxpayers should not have to take on the full brunt of processing of these individuals they themselves should take on some of that responsibility. >> charges dropped the booking fee is dropped as well what stands if the defendant goes to trial even if found not guilty. aclu calls unconstitutional. google maps apparently a great tool for finding your way for croaks using them for criminal activity suspected burglars allegedly targeting upscale southwest suburban homes using google maps, charged with burglary indian head park pulled
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police and google to expensive homes along highways and used the 360 degree satellite view to plan break-ins. eight robberies and indian head park and the bridge. death toll stands at 13 people who ate cantaloupe have died health officials tracing a break to fruit owner jensen farms in colorado bacteria causes an illness mostly affecting in new boards pregnant women older adults and people with weakened immune systems. tainted cantaloupes plan to more than 70 illnesses in 18 states including illinois and indiana and wisconsin. beef recall from the same states and 11 others associated press reporting tyson fresh meats recalling about 130,000 lbs. of ground beef that might be contaminated with e. coli. generic labeled beef look for the product code d 0 2 11 l w i all of the beef has a 73-27 lean to fat ratio it best
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before date of september 12th and to the number 245-d of the passages. family of the greatest chicago bear nfl hall of famer to walter payton offending his reputation tonight accusing him of using drugs a book lead into the life of infidelity for years "sweetness: the enigmatic life of walter payton" by jeff parliament recounts the personal life of walter payton regularly using heavy painkillers and affairs one after another one in particular present at all walter payton of fame induction. connie payton as the book details how to the wife and the mistress reportedly met after the ceremony at one point she looked into her eyes and said you can't have that he does not we want me or the children speaking to longtime agent tonight. >> to get back about walter
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doing the things are all are nobody worse that i have not be fair to themselves said walter >> tonight the patent family of response saying walter like all of us not perfect challenges he faced were well known to those of us who loved and to live with them disclosure of some troops on and not true do not change this a verdict and the cop killer case that we talked about at the top of the broadcast. guilty of killing the police officer and a case shawn gaston, guilty, more information throughout the broadcast. talking more about walter payton 1 it teammate from the super bowl team making headlines for what he is not doing why dan hampton skipping out of a high
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profile celebration and mayor emmanuel says wants to lower the city retail sales tax but there is a catch tom skilling says one of the radius septembers in history. wgn news @ 9
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chicago's mayor emmanuel pointing to results of on-line survey that highly favors his effort for longer school days in chicago public schools chicago teachers union challenging him saying at their expense >> blogger days >> it very clear the mayor on a campaign to pit people against one another that is what he does well we all know who he is i saw the movie >> using fighting words coming to challenge brought my mantle over contentious issue that will not go away if the mayor has anything to do about it flying high after 13 chicago public schools signed on for longer days and a new survey. one parent advocacy group raise your hand published these numbers sank 68% of respondents support and water day at 43% support and water year. >> 70 percent said they are for it that is not divisive
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something what we call and public service pretty thorough endorsement of a blogger school day and couldn't teachers not just parents >> of the 1200 parents and teachers from 230 schools that waited most did say that was supported law school day they did not want days to be quite as long as cts suggested. another education announcement a new 5 star rating for early education facilities rahm emmanuel's idea a 5 star scale will help parents keep track of their children's school and transplanted to money for higher rated schools. creating incentives, brought a medal hopes parents will be successful at being able to observe how their teachers perform. >> no other city to my knowledge is not only adding kids but having a comprehensive educational quality standards. for its early childhood education. >> chicago mayor bob mettawa to lower the city sales tax rates
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but then tax the number of services not being taxed right now. legislative approval necessary already working on that. >> i have to go to springfield to do that. i have advocated and talk to several people about the were in the cells tax by expanding what is in fact taxed because we tax too few things and what happens working families of the city carry the burden one of the highest sales tax rates and a country. >> he says things like going to your hair stylist bowling and taking your dog grooming not in favor of putting a toll on lake shore drive as an idea to offset $600 million budget shortfall next year. does not want a city income tax. hasted to the budget plan to the city next month. also put his foot down saying it not standing for city employees gaming the system as he put it, garbage
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collectors and a pattern of some of them skipping work on mondays and fridays. others covering by the absent workers sometimes having to cut back on basic city services that we all pay for to pick up the slack those days are over. chicago city council expected to vote on plans next month to turn part of rosehill cemetary into public nature preserve. council house of committee approval for $7.7 million to serve as 21 a. from sci illinois services inc. forces portion of the land not believed to have any problems crapes preventing the area from being developed into retell housing project. past tax increment financing and bonds. expect more traffic than usual on the magnificent mile these next few weeks the construction project closing lanes and limit parking on north michigan avenue roby repaved from illinois-oak street also touched up sidewalks work schedule to take six weeks during that time
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lived in this house giving undercover agents posing as al qaeda get a step-by-step plan died in a airplane model airplane died with gps feature and explosives into a building. michael jackson held conrad murray trial. charged with involuntary manslaughter for giving lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol attorneys say jackson killed himself with a combination of drugs when not under observation. that's right questions about jackson's rehearsals days before death promoter prosecutors also played another tape this time a telephone call conrad murray made to personal assistant of michael jackson when he found the pop singer dead. doctors said michael jackson had suffered a bad reaction and it was revealed conrad murray asked
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michael jackson for $5 million a year to be his doctor wound up getting about $1.8 million. work under way for checking for damages on the washington monument to start by stone a team of five both men and women certified with rare combination of climbing and engineering skills performing the inspections by poverty up. looking for any kind of crack or other damage the 5.8 earthquake last month caused the damage amount the of quebec and i pad that has data from the investigation of the monument from 1999. next year's presidential election calendar a bad it takes to florida at target and generate 31st for their primary date if that is the case moving the position of other states. moving alexians to mid january florida residents expected to be major players in the picking of the next president wanted a bigger role in selecting the candidates. today is rosh hashana jewish new
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year attendant services synagogues first of the high holiday. submitted for two days at 10 days before yam kipuur, bolick ceremony casting of sense of the past year, many jewish towns held ceremonies community observers faith and customs. coming up president obama stop by the danimal former chicago bear explaining why not join in his 1985 teammates at the white house. and what is being prescribed more frequently for teenagers with adhd.
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tonight's medical watch metals help pregnant women stay healthy copper and zinc impact miscarriage according to first of its kind study. low blood levels of copper and zinc associated with spontaneous miscarriage in the first trimester. about 15 percent of women suffer an early miscarriage doctors say more research necessary they believe copper and zinc important elements for pregnant women just like folic acid to protect the growing fetus. number of teenagers growing prescribe standards to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. there are other options stimulants are the medication the choice for doctors and parents and the 10 year study period from 1996-2008 stimulant use increased 3.4% per year. nearly 3 million children currently take stimulants adderall, ritalin, and concerta
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and to manage adhd. managing death one of the most difficult experiences. in new study finds talking about end of life choices does improve anxiety and does not make death come any more quickly contrary to the long-held belief that making decisions about death will translate to less aggressive care is study in the journal of hospital medicine finds making decisions empowers patients and even enhances care without causing harm only 45 percent of those studied felt comfortable talking about end of life care and offering their own advanced directives >> we may actually get a decent peek of the sun on thursday up next tom skilling says do not expected to last chilly start to the weekend8o8go.v?f??k@po÷g@?uó?>po
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o xé@j@z÷wxg@w@np x]xçz=zz@ú ?@?ú70ó40o÷úl@w@pnp9úñpñxtp>úwxpuçúmúñú]@@>xo@mxk@=ú?@çxú7oúu@wúopm@'8? ñúp@/úó w?pí ñ.ñ,g>nnoúytoúwñwhwú/ú>÷óú=÷%@÷@wúg@t÷.pk wojypñnplx/÷o@çpó@k@> m=óopoú[@dw÷oún = @gp?úipñúxbxpl@?
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good evening everybody we are finally after seven miserable days saying goodbye to the lull at has done this to us a fascinating time lapse is splashing of light and today coastal float been raining on the since friday last week parts of the area but did not tonight. producing all right of beautiful rimbaud's one of which captured by one of our viewers. look at the double rainbow and today is a fascinating cloud formation one of these breaks in the
9:30 pm
clouds tower right cumulonimbus cloud captured. nice shot and in plainfield captures this ominous signs rating around us visible in some areas these showers in recent days produced a small tornado that touched down indiana captured. producing a damage in that area. what a storm this has been upper air system producing huge amounts of rainfall. tomorrow with a frontal system coming through and showers for a seventh day the most rainfall consecutive late on september in 17 years around here. right under these upper los clouds temperatures have been very low tomorrow seventh consecutive day october bubble temperatures this august stretch we have put together in september and some time. on the deep radar at the last rain
9:31 pm
elements that we will see but this particular storm showers tomorrow midday following we hope sunshine and then that will lead us into a windy pattern advisories for high wind tomorrow more on that in a moment rainfall totals last five days. many areas over 4 in. gurnee or rockford chicago area. down towards lancing a total rainfall and last five days. last of the showers will depart by way of indiana and michigan starting the day with eight sot cloud makes thickenings showers developing a cold front and then instability showers tomorrow night lake moisture and had spent. the big story at that point will be the wind advisories out for a grant from 4:00 tomorrow afternoon-5:00 a.m. on friday six rainy days the most in 17 years at seven
9:32 pm
days now where we have not had a high temperature of 65 degrees flood watches and warnings in pennsylvania and new york state but look at the wind advisory area. storm warnings on the great lakes wind gusting to 50 mi. per hour. plains states red flag warnings in effect wind blowing over the dry ground threatening to spread wild fires. low pressure and a big canadian high setting up. when it could be gusting to 45 mi. per hour tomorrow night. when it will cut down the length of the lake and began off of the late spring and late to affect with showers friday afternoon. pocket of cool air has been fairly small right over us temperatures broke a record today at international falls. here or in
9:33 pm
green bay warmer at international falls that and south dakota. quite interesting temperatures down 20 degrees in parts of montana and you can see how the air is warm and expecting the first 70 degree temperature a brief one round here in nine days during the day tomorrow when the light at the moment it that way as you wake- up tomorrow high winds and following that 92 percent humidity 2.55 mold spore is a moderate today not surprising one of the worst allergy seasons in a decade or around here with four instances in which high values of mold when it will be tomorrow bright colors just west of us at daybreak i eat and purple area is a region where wind gusted over 40 mi. per
9:34 pm
hour alone along these isobars crossing low pressure forecast by friday when coming in the length of the lake huge waves some locations wind it stand strong and not quite as strong during the day friday and look at some of the grid point to win the forecasts tomorrow morning nothing to write home about but by noon cost's going into 20 and by even building to 40 mi. per hour or more in the kenosha waukegan lansing even 50 mi. per hour went off of the lake you can imagine the state of the lake there and in great lake michigan strong wind continuing through friday and even into saturday and by this spring and late to affect clouds into the shoreline area. the irony is the bed tonight quite light as you can see a single digits blowing at all. temperatures from the 50s tonight to highs in the '70s
9:35 pm
most areas tomorrow. crashing into the 40's and led to tomorrow. no higher at 60 and '50s much of the day on friday it down into the 40's after that. doppler plot of rainfall the year so far the wettest year to date that we have had in the chicago area. forecast at night mostly cloudy gap hazy a few showers or sprinkles possible low temperature 54 degrees with a wind turning west of the 5-16 mi. per hour tomorrow clouds and peaks of sun. . upshaw was midday and a thunderstorm and then the high when the box and high temperature 72 degrees. taking up 16-36 boston and afternoon tomorrow night very windy advisory kicks in at 5:00 spurted gusts to 45 mi. per hour
9:36 pm
or higher. partly cloudy very windy and finally fairly cloudy on friday noticeably cooler with several shoppers high temperature 57 degrees. the word is a windy looks like it is going to get pretty windy and talking about that on our shows tomorrow. >> folks at can't thank you for hanging with us with audio difficulties. making a difference in the same community where she grew up next september teacher of the month's special connection with a student. later a pop superstar's awkward run and with a farmer in ireland. we will be right back. i ate breakfast and got heartburn, third day this week. so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now? aghh i've got heartburn in my head.
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[ female announcer ] even when we all get together sometimes it's still nice to have a moment to yourself. ♪ ♪ your moment. your dove. now you can have your moment in hawaii. visit for a chance to win. subject is mathematics but the lessons learned and mrs. gutierrez is class go far beyond adding and subtracting. basically like a mother in schoola norma gutierrez barely 5 ft. tall easily can be mistaken for one per student but what she lacks in height she more than makes up for with the
9:40 pm
respect of her students. >> very patient the type of atmosphere and attitude to get in the classroom you can't really ask questions and she helps you when you need help >> says her own high school appearances helped shepherd to the teacher she is today pointed out grew up in the noble square neighborhood went to high school two blocks from where she now teaches and it was her own freshman math teacher that rebar changed life >> taught me the things i wish my kids learned perseverance >> teacher now her superintendent >> one student and that pushed me and other teachers to work hard and help us succeed five years ago gudea arrests started after school program called math siesta students can get to direct those who did not earn do
9:41 pm
hallmark a chance to get half credit. >> to get help quiet the works of the can stay after school for an hour down the work ethic organizational skills and dedication to the job left lasting impression on students back but she never doubted me always knew i had potential to achieve more than i already have done it >> over and over again in their corner even if it does not have to deal with math >> an issue that they have the first thing i do and think of she helps me a lot >> and the results speak for themselves best results in test scores for students in network of 10 schools now probably 20 freshmen mathematics teachers and she is a above at the top >> happy to present to this check for $1,000
9:42 pm
>> id half of wgn television happy to debut as september 2011 teacher of the month. >> so humbling our work here everyday with my kids and i'm still involved with them but you never know how you reach your family until something like this comes up >> congratulations to norma more than a quarter century in the making one super bowl winning chicago bears say no thanks why dan hampton as he is skipping out on the white house visit and later in sports does not take ozzie guillen to find a new job.
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a reputed gang member convicted of killing chicago police officer alex valdez to dan ponce with details the verdict was read aloud in court, very emotional most of the people there in court were either friends or family members of the victim alex valdez just wrapped up a news conference about five minutes ago the victim's sister brenda read a very emotional statement with probably 20-30 people standing behind her
9:46 pm
including state attorney anita alverez first time we have seen anita alverez in court since elected state attorney made the decision to try the case herself because this is a very high- profile case involving highly decorated chicago police officer. >> if you have a moment any word on sentencing? >> according to sentencing state attorney anita alvarez minimum sentence this is now convicted cop killer is facing is 61 years behind bars says there is a very good chance that he could be looking at a life sentence dependent on sentencing will not be for awhile and keep in mind to other suspects also facing first-degree murder charges. back to you >> tom skilling taking a look at
9:47 pm
the weather for the next seven days >> a sample of all kinds of weather coming up here going to be warmer tomorrow goodbye to the big closed system arraigned on that still spend a crowd but watch how the coverage decreases last of them in northwest indiana watch household word second jet stream kicks that out of here, could read seven days over the area producing everything from water spouts a driving rain fall 58 degrees out at o'hare and midway like lead at the moment into the morning 55 degrees look at what has been happening out west high of 88 degrees hot springs high temperatures through the dakotas late last week i can get going to warm up indeed warm air cold air couple of days off
9:48 pm
until later sunday and early next week current temperatures across north america close to flow here comes at the loeb of cool air right their length of the lake warped out in the west flooding in as you can see on the seven day forecast getting into next week nice day for the bears on sunday milder but 72 degrees tomorrow night's mild day front passes cold air about six hours behind going through a date with showers the real chill comes out howling wind blowing with the friday with showers through the late saturday and sunday and sunday monday tuesday next week warmer week ahead. >> too hot for one farmer to handle earlier it this week rihanna bellmont latest music video on a farm in northern ireland order of the farm kicked crew of property stripped down
9:49 pm
to a bikini top farmer says nearly naked look on acceptable he and his wife christians. rihanna, a new farm finished the video. danimal not duet hall of fame chicago bear was not joined teammates at the white house to celebrate super bowl title in 1985 reported the three reasons does not like president obama not the sentimental type and the third the players' wives and children not invited. gets to meet did not get to meet president ronald reagan at the time space shuttle challenger tragedy. coming up chicago bears' offense but it to put the last two games behind getting ready for carolina and patrick kane first action of the preseason against the detroit sports next. [ male announcer ] indulge all you want. now there's no need to hold back. ♪ ♪ new revolutionary scope with dualblast technology obliterates strong food odors and kills bad breath germs
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exciting play of all not here though. sox did clean up issues before finishing season today accepting resignations of hitting coach greg walker and extending hawk harrelson in booth and game 162 greg walker bring an endorsement out the door disappointed this year did reach double figures and home runs today gordon beckham 10th home run of the year tied the game 2-1 in the ninth and chris
9:53 pm
sale came unglued walked in two runs including the game-winner and adam loewen 32 final score at earlier today ozzie guillen officially installed as the marlins manager a four year deal for 10.5 million not 16 million not quite so lucrative but security fish move into the new ballpark with ozzie guillen aunt and hoping to revitalize himself in a new environment. chicago cubs finish things up on the west coast. bottom of the third a big home run for nick hundley off ryan dempster, later on a grand slam by padres went 9-2 in the eighth. as with the bears today likes to split his nfl season into four quarters lovie smith on sunday carolina if the bears could get a victory 2-2 record scheduled to play it
9:54 pm
really not so bad bears lacking style points and more three games and. >> bears rank 23rd in the nfl in total offense 31st in rushing game second from the bottom and to keeping those dismal numbers and prospective acquirer against three top notch team's quick to cash in certain place mrs. a step here taking to the right step there does not do this or that and collectively in adds up and no figures to point that looking at it so much so many good things little tidbits that step down would have hit those heading in the right direction and i think everybody has a good mind said positive about where we are going we have to hammer out the issues >> jay cutler has been sacked 14 times in three games bears have rushed for just 72 yds in their last two asked the coach if you
9:55 pm
would tweaked things against carolina >> fine with that stuff need to continue working with what we are doing. technical things we need to get better at. we like our attitude trying to do things did not look at it at times but very close >> sunday's game against the pact is far from a gimme for the chicago bears features former bears and tigers and olsen each by former chicago bear linebacker juan rivera >> red wings in town tonight power play patrick kane first in the preseason 1-0 and 3-2 wings and the third of all the weird hop takes and scores in the tying goal but now smith on a breakaway brendon smith writes
9:56 pm
to his head and it out cold before he hit the ice face of undersurface a fight broke out and is now a four-three blackhawks but here we go just a preseason game. >> not good to have to carry him off the ice. >> as far as the baseball games cardinals won big atlanta tied in 12th needs to win to play st louis play in game tomorrow yankees winning 7-0 in 8th now 10th inning tied and sox up 1 but rain delay in baltimore crazy as get in final day. >> that is the news happy you shared time with us a good night photos of the day.
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